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White Papers

Browse our collection of white papers written by some of our in-house experts.

Maximizing the Performance of Advanced Microscopes by Controlling Wavefront Error Using Optical Filters

IBS Coatings for Ultrafast lasers and Applications

The Physics of Pixel Shift

Multimodal NLO Imaging

Fluorescent Proteins: Theory, Applications and Best Practices

Spectral Imaging with VersaChrome®

Optical Filters for Laser-based Fluorescence Microscopes

Flatness of Dichroic Beamsplitters Affects Focus and Image Quality

A New Class of Polarization Optics Designed Specifically for Lasers

Measurement of Optical Filter Spectra

Understanding Polarization 

How to Calculate Luminosity, Dominant Wavelength, and Excitation Purity 

Fluorescence Polarization in Life Sciences

Super-resolution Microscopy

Semrock VersaChrome Tunable Bandpass Filters

Spectral Modeling in Fluorescence Microscopy

  Ion-Beam-Sputtered (IBS) Thin-film Interference Filters for Nonlinear Optical Imaging

  Pixel Shift in fluorescence microscopy

  Practical Aspects of Mirror Usage in Optical Systems for Biology

Filter Sets for Next Generation Microscopy

Creating Your Own Bandpass Filter  


Contributing Authors:

Turan Erdogan, PhD - Semrock Co-founder and former Assistant Professor at University of Rochester.

Prashant Prabhat, PhD - Semrock Business Line Leader

Ligang Wang - Semrock Principal Engineer

Neil Anderson, PhD - Semrock Business Line Leader

Michael Delay, PhD - Semrock Applications Scientist

Craig Hodgson, Ph.D. - Semrock Director of R&D

Cicely Rathmell, M.Sc. - Contributing Writer

James Kircher - Senior Lead Filter Design Engineer

Seth W. Perry, Ph.D. - Contributing Writer