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Vacuum-Release (VR) Gel-Pak


Semrock utilizes Vacuum-ReleaseTM (VR) Gel-Pak packaging for filters whose part size and narrow substrate thickness make it difficult to remove the filters from standard Gel-Paks. Filters packaged in either 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" VR Gel-Pak require the use of a vacuum release system prior to removing filters using plastic-tipped tweezers. This packaging allows Semrock to keep the parts cleaner, reduce potential defects caused during removal of the filters from the packaging.


Filters packaged in VR Gel-Paks lay on a mesh material over the gel membrane. This packaging provides optimal gel surface contact for shipping and handling of filters, while allowing the gel surface contact to be minimized for filter removal. The basic procedure below details applying a vacumm to the VR Gel-Pak to allow easy removal of the filters.


Basic procedure to remove filters from Vacuum-ReleaseTM (VR) Gel-Pak

• Slide VR tray out of c-clip and remove cover

• Place VR tray on Vacuum Plate connected to VR hand pump

• Ensure tray is aligned with the vacuum plate o-ring to obtain a tight seal & vacuum

• Apply 25" Hg vacuum using the hand pump

• Carefully remove filters using plastic-tipped tweezers

• After removing selected filters, release the vacuum by pressing the pin on the hand pump

• Place the cover on the VR tray and slide into the c-clip for storage



6   Vacuum-Release Gel-Pak Release Tool   Vacuum-Release Gel-Pak Plate
6" x 6" VR Gel-Pak   Hand Pump Release Tool   Release Plate
Vacuum-Release Gel-Pak Plate & Tray   Vacuum-Release Gel-Pak Tube   Vacuum-Release Gel-Pak Release Button
VR Gel-Pak Tray & Release Plate   Align Tray Number with VR Tube   Hand Pump Release Button



For additional details on removing filters from VR Gel-Paks, please read the Vacuum-Release (VR) Tray User's Guide from Gel-Pak®

Vacuum-Release Packaging VR Tray Gel-Pak