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Volume 8, Issue 4 

Interview with Dr. Na Ji, leader of the Ji Lab at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Jenelia Research Campus

Dr. Na Ji is a group leader at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus, a pioneering research center focused on neuroscience and imaging. A neurobiologist with a background in chemical physics, she develops adaptive optical methods to improve in vivo imaging and applies these methods to the structural and functional imaging of neural circuits.  Read the interview

Scratch/Dig Inspection Method for Filters

Semrock filters are inspected in accordance with industry standards established for optical components.

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Improved Image-splitting Dichroic Beamsplitters

Unmatched λ/5 PV RWE on 3 mm image-splitting dichroic beamsplitters.  Optimized for popular fluorophore pairs.

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Cleaning Semrock Filters

Filter cleanliness impacts signal and SNR. Learn how to clean your optical filters in this video.

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Edge vs. Notch Filters

Should you use an edge filter or a notch filter to block the laser line in your Raman system?

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