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How can I determine compatibility of Semrock’s new laser dichroics with my own unique laser or fluorophore?

Designed for minimal wavefront distortion when working in reflection, BrightLine® Laser Dichroic Beamsplitters are compatible with large diameter illumination and imaging beams. Spectral performance within a system can easily be modeled using SearchLight™. Select from the many available light sources and hundreds of fluorophores, or upload your own ascii data under My Data.

Next, select a laser dichroic set and plot it with your light source and fluorophore. The Compare System Calculator at the bottom of the page will also model your entire system for you, estimating the fluorescence signal, noise due to different sources, and the expected signal to noise (S:N) ratio. You can also design your own set by starting with one of the laser dichroic beamsplitters and then selecting your own bandpass filters (hint: type “Di03-R” or “FDi03-R” to find all available). Note that Di03-R and FDi03-R laser dichroics have the same spectra but different thickness and flatness specifications.  Multiple system calculators can be opened and normalized to one another to allow direct comparison of signal and SNR between different systems.

New to our laser dichroics? Find the essentials here. Be sure to check your beam size against the specified values for negligible focal plane shift in reflection for a reflected laser beam, or negligible spot size change in reflection for a reflected imaging beam, or speak with an Applications Scientist to discuss performance within your system.