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Editor's Note

As we enter the last half of the year,

we are excited to share with you some new developments at Semrock.  Firstly, you will notice immediately that we have launched a brand refresh along with our new website.  You may also notice that all domestic online orders receive free ground shipping with this new launch.
Our featured interview with Dr. Hari Shroff, follows his fascinating career path from Janelia Farm and the PALM project, to an NIBIB tenure-track Professor. We’ll be watching closely to see what his next steps will be.
The popularity of our SearchLight tool continues to skyrocket. If you have not yet tried it for yourself, I personally encourage you to test it out before your next filter purchase. See additional updates about SearchLight below in the content of this newsletter.
Semrock continues to travel to Centers of Excellence at Universities to meet with key persons in fluorescence and imaging applications and learn what is new and exciting. If you see us in your hallway, please stop and say “hello!”
Kind regards,
Prashant Prabhat
An Interview With...
Dr. Hari Shroff of the NIH National Institute of Biomedial Imaging and Bioengineering. 

We sat down with Dr. Shroff to discuss his long road to his tenured-track position and accomplishments in microscopy. 

Tips & Techniques
  • Semrock offers online custom sizing on several catalog filters
  • Size, price and order the filters you need from the convenience of our website
  • Round (mounted and unmounted) or Rectangular filters sized to suit your needs


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New At Semrock  

NEW  Brilliant™  Ultraviolet  and  Violet  filter
sets  now  available  in the  online Semrock catalog

We have introduced three new filter sets to support Brilliant dyes (BD Biosciences and BioLegend®). The dyes are upwards of 10x brighter than conventional fluorophores. When used in conjunction with these dyes, these new filter sets allow microscopy users to visualize molecules of small quantities or low expression within the cell as well as to expand multicolor imaging beyond traditional 3 to 4 colors.

Semrock also welcomes the Photonics Manufacturing Institute to the Rochester Community!

Editor, Prashant Prabhat, Ph.D.
Semrock Catalog, Business Line Leader

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Editor's Note

An Interview With

Tips & Techniques

Links We Like

New at Semrock

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Upcoming Courses & Events

MBL Course - Optical Microscopy & Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences, 9/13

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting – Cell Death, 9/15-19

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meeting – Stem Cell Biology, 10/7-11

Neuroscience 2015, Booth #1908, 10/18-21

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Did You Know

We've relaunched  our website  with a  brand new look:

The Semrock site now also offers a custom sizing calculatorimproved site search and a faster ordering processTry  Rapid Ordering  when you already know your part number. Select and push a quote to your buyer for fast approval/purchase.  Buyers will receive an email alert from the system that they have a purchase pending making bundling multiple purchases for higher discounts much simpler.  Need to find a match for a discontinued filter or set?  All product revisions  with new part numbers are listed to quickly locate the closest match and the upgrade description.  
Meet our Team
Lidza Kalifa, Ph.D. – Sales Engineer           
Education: B.S. in Molecular Genetics, M.S. in Biology, and Ph.D. in Biology from University of Rochester
Lidza is the newest addition the Semrock sales team. She has an extensive background in sales and biology, having managed both local publications and her husband’s bar, in addition to several years research experience at the University of Rochester and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Originally from Texas, Lidza loves everything mitochondrial, is fascinated with cutting edge research, and is dedicated to completing crossword puzzles regardless of completion time. She lives in Rochester with her husband and two dogs. 
SearchLight now features 600+ fluorophores and dyes including all commercially available Brilliant Ultraviolet and Violet dyes from BD Biosciences, and Brilliant Violet dyes for BioLegends.