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Wavelengths Newsletter
Wavelengths Cell Photo
Vol. 2, Issue 3

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Welcome to the Third Issue of our Wavelengths Newsletter in 2011. In this issue we are excited to introduce our unique Semrock–Sutter threaded filter wheel mounting system that is an elegant and weight-saving solution that allows the fastest  filter position switching.

We also have an interview with Michael Davidson of Florida State University, who is the author of the Molecular Expressions website and a pioneer of on-line microscopy educational resources.

We would like this newsletter to be a collaborative project with the microscope community at large. We invite and encourage you to send us your ideas, tips, questions, ideas for improving the newsletter, articles and anything else you think we should know or share.

- Nick George, Director of Product Marketing

Prashant Prabhat talks to the Florida State fluorescence king about his prolific image library and his love for giving away the informational cow for free.

Read full interview...


Our newly released white paper by Neil Anderson. Read it here first.

Read full article...

Nick George explains what's what in the world of wheels. How to set up your Sutter filter wheel for optimal results.




Over the course of the last few months a team from Semrock has been busy working with a group of students from the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, in the design and build of a new optical test instrument. As part of this project, the team was tasked with partnering with Semrock as a customer, understanding the exact needs around the instrument's test capabilities, and translating those needs into a final design from which the instrument was built. Over a period of nine months the team worked feverishly to complete the project. Testament to their commitment and effort the team delivered the instrument on time and under budget. The instrument has been used in a variety of internal studies and is already proving its worth. This initiative highlights Semrock’s continued support and commitment to helping nurture Rochester’s local engineering talent.

"The education the students obtained from this experience was invaluable.  Semrock was a wonderful partner to work with throughout the entire process starting with the initial project proposal, through a series of customer driven design reviews, and all the way up to the final acceptance testing of the product.  The high level of support from the Semrock team allowed the students to take a step outside of the classroom and truly experience the design, fabrication, and testing of real product.  At the end of the semester many of the students commented that while this was one of the hardest classes they had taken, it was one of their favorite classes and most likely the one that gave them the most preparation for entering the workforce.  I’m looking forward to working on another project with the Semrock team in the future."
- Julie Bentley, University of Rochester

The team members who participated in this project were: Jeffery Demas, Alex Iacchetta, Karen Martuscello and Andrew Fisher. The group was supervised by David Berg and Prof. Julie Bentley (UR), and Neil Anderson and Turan Erdogan (Semrock, Inc).

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