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The brightest, clearest choice for life science applications

Semrock has become the standard in optical filters for the life science industry, applying patented design techniques to create some of the most spectrally sophisticated optical filters on the market. Whether you select from our extensive catalog or we design a custom filter to your exact specifications, you can be confident of our uncompromising quality, reliability and reproducible results.

Optical filters with unparalleled performance

Our filters let you push the limits of signal-to-noise in your instrument design. Steep edges maximize the bandwidth that can be accessed in each detection channel, while high transmission or reflection captures every photon possible. Deep and extended blocking capabilities out of band are optimized based on your application, reducing noise and minimizing crosstalk between channels.

  • Fluorescence filters: single band, multiband, laser line, tunable
  • Edge filters: longpass, shortpass, ultrasteep, 29 laser wavelengths
  • Dichroic beamsplitters: broadband, laser, multiphoton
  • Laser filters: clean-up, ultrasteep edge, dichroics, notch

Applications Expertise:

  • DNA Sequencing
  • Fluorescence Microscopy & Imaging
  • Flow Cytometry
  • High-throughput Screening
  • Point-of-care Diagnostics
  • Raman & FTIR Spectroscopy
  • Optical Coherence Tomography

Filters designed for optimal system performance

When we design optical filters for a system, we look at how they will work together, carefully optimizing blocking and passbands to work as a unit with your specific application in mind. This approach is enabled by our staggering batch-to-batch reproducibility and years of reliability test data, both of which show consistency you can design and depend on.

Search Light Plot

You can also see how filters will work together using our SearchLight™ online tool, selecting your fluorophores, filters, light sources and detectors to evaluate the performance of a prospective fluorescence instrument design. Our MyLight™ tool takes it one step further, allowing you to predict standard filter performance under non-standard conditions.

Manufactured for reliability and reproducibility, in volume

We’ve refined our production processes with the same approach to excellence embodied in our optical designs. All filters coated in our sophisticated sputtering deposition chambers are tested extensively both in-situ and postproduction to ensure performance and quality, and can be scaled easily from prototype to volume production with no change in performance.

  • Minimal lot-to-lot variability boosts your system-to-system reproducibility
  • Superior environmental and optical reliability reduces system downtime in the field

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More than 850 standard products ready to ship


Standard filters, cut to your dimensions in days


The exact filter profile you need, when you need it

Combine durable, high-performance Semrock filters with reliable IDEX Health & Science lasers and optics to achieve the cleanest, clearest signals and images – long term. Learn more at idex-hs.com