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General Sales Support

Credit Card Orders:

Are you from a North American laboratory, research institute, university, or government agency?

Please consider placing your order directly with our North American distribution partner, AVR Optics. AVR’s scientifically trained team are uniquely positioned to provide technical and sales support for research and development projects. As a thank you and welcome gift, AVR Optics is offering a 10% Discount off your first order for Semrock products.

Click the link HERE to get started.

Benefits of working directly with AVR:

  • Semrock partner since 2016 and has processed thousands of orders for Semrock products.
  • Connect directly with optical filter experts to answer your questions. For general enquiries, email info@avr-optics.com. To speak with a support engineer, call 585-445-7588.
  • Order in small quantities using your credit card.
  • The same quality Semrock product that you have known for years.
  • Save 10% on your first order once your AVR account is activated.

If you are ordering from or shipping to locations outside of North America please visit our full distribution contact list for ordering information.

Semrock accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. There are several ways for you to place a credit card order:

1. Online: Search for items under the "Products" navigation or use our new "Rapid Ordering" process.
2. Fax: Complete our printable order form and fax it to our Inside Sales Department.

Purchase Orders:

POs can be sent via email to IHSOpticsOrders@idexcorp.com or faxed to 585-594-3898.

Sales Tax Exemption:

Tax exempt certificates should be sent to IHSOpticsOrders@idexcorp.com. FAX: (585) 594-3898

We are here to help!

Please review our General Sales Support topics to the left.  If you have further questions, please contact our Inside Sales Group.

Speak with an Inside Sales Representative Live
Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST

1-866-SEMROCK (736-7625)
International: +1-585-625-5000

"In the 5 years that I've been a graduate student I've had to talk to, order, and obtain information about products from many different optics companies (as well as laser and electronics companies). The people I have had the pleasure of speaking with at Semrock have been some of the nicest and most helpful by far. They always get back to me quickly and with very helpful information. In addition, they are immensely knowledgeable about their products and products out there. If I can't find something I am looking for on the website, I simply call and talk to one of the product engineers or someone in technical sales to see if there is a solution I am missing. They are very creative and often have solutions I didn't realize would work!"

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