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Driving Directions to Semrock from Rochester International Airport

Semrock, Inc.
3625 Buffalo Road, Suite 6
Rochester, New York 14624
585. 594. 7000

  1. Exit airport by turning RIGHT onto BROOKS AVENUE.
  2. Turn LEFT onto I-390N.
  3. Exit LEFT onto I-490W.
  4. Exit RIGHT onto 531W.
  5. Take the 3rd exit for MANITOU ROAD and turn LEFT onto Manitou Road.
  6. Take Manitou Road all the way to the end at Buffalo Road.
  7. Proceed through the light at Buffalo Road. You have entered the Westview Business Park.
  8. Follow the winding road to the last building on the right: 3625 BUFFALO ROAD.

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Directions-to-Semrock Directions