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Cube Assembly Instructions

Easy to install your own cubes Semrock offers free assembly service if you send in your microscope cube when purchasing new filter sets, but for those do-it-yourselfers, please view these downloadable PDF and video files that show you step-by-step how to populate and assemble your own popular cube models.

Filters have fingerprints? Learn how you can clean your filters using IPA or acetone.

ManufacturerMicroscope Manufacturer DescriptionSemrock Part NumberDownload Assembly PDFWatch Assembly Video
Leica DM-R LLC PDF  
Nikon Quadfluor NQF PDF Nikon Cube
Nikon TE2000 NTE PDF  
Olympus U-MF2 OMF PDF Olympus Cube
Olympus U-MF/XL OXL PDF  
Olympus U-FF OFF    
Zeiss Threaded Filter Cube ZAT PDF Zeiss Cube
Zeiss FL Cube, EC P&C (Push & Click) ZHE PDF  

Cube Assembly Instructions Olympus Leica Zeiss Nikon Aperio How-to-assemble-a-cube LDMK LLC LSC NQF NTE OMF OFF OXL OFF ZAT ZHE