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BrightLine® long-pass filter set, optimized for most Qdot Nanocrystals and other like fluorophores

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Part Number: QDLP-C-000

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Semrock Filter Set: QDLP-C

BrightLine® long-pass filter set, optimized for most Qdot Nanocrystals and other like fluorophores

A special long-pass emission filter in this filter set allows simultaneous viewing by eye or with a color camera of samples that are multi-labeled with quantum dot nanocrystals. It takes advantage of the unique fact that all quantum dots share a common UV/blue excitation spectrum while simultaneously exhibiting narrow and specific visible emission spectra. The highly transmitting, deep-blue exciter efficiently excites all quantum dots with no UV light to damage samples or generate undesirable background, while the high and uniform transmission of the long-pass emission filter provides exceptional and balanced brightness. And with the "no burn-out" performance shared by all BrightLine filters, the permanent performance of this set will outlast even your quantum dots!

Individual filters and filter sets (no cube):
These filters sets contain individual filters. For filter sets already mounted in a holder/cube, scroll down to see complete mounted sets with cubes.
Part NumberPrice1Stock StatusQuantity
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-000 (Standard size set, fits most microscopes2)$930Confirmed AROAdd To Cart
Filter RoleFilter SizePart NumberPrice1
Single Band Exciter25 mm x 5.0 mmFF02-435/40-25$355
Long Pass Emitter25 mm x 3.5 mmFF01-500/LP-25$305
Single Band Dichroic25.2 mm x 35.6 mm x 1.1 mmFF510-Di02-25x36$360
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-L01 (Leica 'Large' set)$930Confirmed AROAdd To Cart
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-U02 (Olympus large-size (FX) set for U-M710I)$1,674Confirmed AROAdd To Cart

1) US domestic pricing only. If you are ordering from outside the US, please contact your nearest regional distributor for the correct list price.
2) Customers installing filters into their own Nikon Quadfluor cubes should contact us before ordering a filter set.

Complete filter sets mounted in microscope holders/cubes:
These sets are delivered already mounted in microscope filter holders, often called 'cubes', ready to be dropped into your microscope.
Nikon Quadfluor for microscopes: E200, E400, E600, E800, E1000, TS100, TS100F, TE200, TE300, ME600L, L150A, and some Labophot, Optiphot, and Diaphot series
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-NQF (set mounted in cube)$1,329Confirmed AROAdd To Cart
Nikon TE 2000 for microscopes: TE 2000, 50i, 55i, 80i, 90i, Eclipse Ti, Ni, and Ci series, and any using the Epi-fluor Illuminator
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-NTE (set mounted in cube)$1,329Confirmed AROAdd To Cart
Olympus U-MF2 for microscopes: AX70, BX, BX41, BX50, BX51, BX60, BX61, BX50/51WI, BX60/61WI, IX50, IX51, IX70, IX71, IX81
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-OMF (set mounted in cube)$1,379Confirmed AROAdd To Cart
Olympus U-FF for microscopes: BX53, BX63
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-OFF (set mounted in cube)$1,379Confirmed AROAdd To Cart
Olympus U-M710I for microscopes: Requires a 32mm emitter & exciter and 32x44mm dichroic beamsplitter. For IX53, IX73, & IX83 model microscopes
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-OFX (set mounted in cube)$1,629Confirmed AROAdd To Cart
Zeiss FL Cube EC P+C for microscopes: Axio Imager, Axiostar Plus, Axioskop 40, Axioskop 2 (post-2001), Axioplan 2i, Axioplan 2ie, Axiovert 200, Axiovert 40, Axio Observer, Axio Examiner and Axio Scope A1
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-ZHE (set mounted in cube)$1,219Confirmed AROAdd To Cart
Leica DM-K for microscopes: DM-2000, DM-2500, DM-3000, DMI3000 B, DM-4000, DMI4000 B, DM-5000, DM-5500, DM-6000, DMI6000 B, DM4 and DM6
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-LDMK (set mounted in cube)$1,289Confirmed AROAdd To Cart
Leica DMi8 (P-Cube) for microscopes: DMi8
Click to expand/collapse details QDLP-C-LDMP (set mounted in cube)$1,379Confirmed AROAdd To Cart

1) US domestic pricing only. If you are ordering from outside the US, please contact your nearest regional distributor for the correct list price.
Optical Specifications
BlockingBrightLine filters have blocking far exceeding OD 6 as needed to ensure a black background, even when using modern low-noise CCD cameras. The blocking is optimized for microscopy applications using our exclusive SpecMaker™ fluorescence filter design.

General Filter Specifications
Microscope CompatibilityBrightLine filters are available to fit Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, and Aperio microscopes.
Optical Damage RatingTesting has proven to show no signs of degradation when exposed to at least 6.0 W of power from an unfiltered xenon arc lamp over a 25 mm diameter (corresponding to 1.2 W/cm2) for over 500 hours.

Physical Filter Specifications
Exciter/Emitter OrientationArrow on ring indicates preferred direction of propagation of light.
Dichroic Orientation"Reflective coating side" should face toward light source and sample.

5-Star Optimized – Filter set is specifically optimized for that fluorophore.
3-Star Compatible – Should result in nearly ideal performance in most situations.
1-Star Acceptable – Actual performance is dependent on specific experimental conditions.
FluorophorePeak Excitation
Wavelength (nm)
Peak Emission
Wavelength (nm)
CompatibilityDisplay on
Plot above
Acridine Orange (+RNA)4606501-Star
Alexa Fluor® 4304315413-Star
ATTO 4654535071-Star
BCECF (pH 5.5)4815181-Star
BD Horizon V5004105001-Star
Cascade Yellow™3995491-Star
CellTracker Violet BMQC+GSH4065261-Star
CFP (ECFP)4334751-Star
FM 1-434735791-Star
Fura Red™ (high pH)5726573-Star
Lucifer yellow4285443-Star
LysoSensor Green4485021-Star
LysoTracker Yellow HCK-1234885651-Star
NBD-X (MeOH)4675381-Star
Pacific Orange4005511-Star
Qdot® 525 Nanocrystals3005255-Star
Qdot® 545 Nanocrystals3005431-Star
Qdot® 565 Nanocrystals3005645-Star
Qdot® 585 Nanocrystals3005885-Star
Qdot® 605 Nanocrystals3006025-Star
Qdot® 625 Nanocrystals3006215-Star
Qdot® 655 Nanocrystals3006545-Star
Qdot® 705 Nanocrystals3007025-Star
Qdot® 800 Nanocrystals3007923-Star
SYPRO Ruby protein gel stain4696313-Star
ThiolTracker Violet+GSH4045261-Star

Tech Note
Cleaning Optical FiltersInstructions for cleaning hard coated optical filters
Laser Damage ThresholdProvides information for calculating laser damage threshold for pulsed and continuous wave lasers

QDLP-C QDot525 QDot605 QDot625 QDot655 QDOT Nanocrystals Long-Pass-Filter-Set FF01-500/LP FF02-435/40 FF510-Di02 FF510 500/LP 435/40 510 Filter Filters Set Sets QDLP-C-000 QDLP-C-L01 QDLP-C-U02 QDLP-C-NQF QDLP-C-NTE QDLP-C-OMF QDLP-C-OFF QDLP-C-OFX QDLP-C-ZHE QDLP-C-LDMP QDLP-C-LDMK

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