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BrightLine® single-band filter set, optimized for Cy5 and other like fluorophores

Semrock Set / Fluorophore Graphing

Part Number: Cy5-4040B-000

Fluorophore Displayed:
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Optical Specifications
BlockingBrightLine filters have blocking far exceeding OD 6 as needed to ensure a black background, even when using modern low-noise CCD cameras. The blocking is optimized for microscopy applications using our exclusive SpecMaker™ fluorescence filter design.

General Filter Specifications
Microscope CompatibilityBrightLine filters are available to fit Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, and Aperio microscopes.
Optical Damage RatingTesting has proven to show no signs of degradation when exposed to at least 6.0 W of power from an unfiltered xenon arc lamp over a 25 mm diameter (corresponding to 1.2 W/cm2) for over 500 hours.

Physical Filter Specifications
Exciter/Emitter OrientationArrow on ring indicates preferred direction of propagation of light.
Dichroic Orientation"Reflective coating side" should face toward light source and sample.

5-Star Optimized – Filter set is specifically optimized for that fluorophore.
3-Star Compatible – Should result in nearly ideal performance in most situations.
1-Star Acceptable – Actual performance is dependent on specific experimental conditions.
FluorophorePeak Excitation
Wavelength (nm)
Peak Emission
Wavelength (nm)
CompatibilityDisplay on
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5-carboxynapthofluorescein (pH 10)5556151-Star
Alexa Fluor® 6476536685-Star
Alexa Fluor® 6606636915-Star
Alexa Fluor® 6806797021-Star
APC (Allophycocyanin)6516601-Star
ATTO 6206186421-Star
ATTO 6336296581-Star
ATTO 6356356581-Star
ATTO 6476446703-Star
ATTO 647N6456683-Star
ATTO 6556636831-Star
ATTO 6806807001-Star
BODIPY 650/665-X6466645-Star
DiD (DiIC18(5)) - Lipophilic Tracer6486705-Star
DyLight 6496516733-Star
DyLight 6806767051-Star
FluoSpheres Crimson fluorescent microspheres6206461-Star
FluoSpheres Dark Red fluorescent microspheres6566831-Star
HCS CellMask Red cytoplasmic6226441-Star
HiLyte Fluor™ 6476496733-Star
LDS 7515607111-Star
LIVE-DEAD Fixable Far Red Dead Cell Stain6536683-Star
MitoTracker™ Deep Red6416621-Star
Nile blue-EtOH6316601-Star
Qdot® 705 Nanocrystals3007021-Star
Red 6506496653-Star
SpectrumFRed (Far Red)6506735-Star
SYTO 596226441-Star
SYTO 606506815-Star
SYTO 616186501-Star
SYTO Red Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stains 606556753-Star
SYTO Red Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stains 626556753-Star
SYTO Red Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stains 636556753-Star
SYTOX Red-DNA6406581-Star

Tech Note
Cleaning Optical FiltersInstructions for cleaning hard coated optical filters
Cube Assembly InstructionsPDF and video instruction for installing filters into popular filter cubes
Filter ReliabilityCompares the performance and reliability of hard coated filters to traditional soft-coated filters and provides information about the testing standards for Semrock filters
Introduction to Fluorescence FiltersShows how optical filters are used in a traditional fluorescence microscope and describes important factors to consider when choosing optical filters.
Orientation of Filters in a MicroscopeA guide to properly orienting Semrock filters based on the filter markings.
What is Pixel Shift?Explains how filter wedge angle causes pixel shift and describesthe impact of pixel shift on image fidelity
Journal Article
Achieving the Best Alignment for Fluorescent ImagesTuran Erdogan, PhD, and Atul Pradhan, PhD, Semrock Inc., BioPhotonics, August 2005
Semrock's BrightLine ZERO filter sets eliminate the beam deviation that can cause pixel shift when combining single-color images to create a multicolor image
White Paper
Spectral Modeling in Fluorescence MicroscopyDiscusses various sources of noise in fluorescence microscopy and how to maximize signal-to-noise ratios using software, sample preparation and optical filter selection
High Performance MicroscopyAn overview of high performance microscopy, including solutions from Semrock and additional learning resources.
FISH (Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization)An overview of FISH, including solutions from Semrock and additional learning resources.
Revised Filter Set


BrightLine® single-band filter set, optimized for Cy5 and other like fluorophores

High brightness and contrast single-band filter set. Ideal for use with: Cy5, SpectrumFRed - Lipophilic Tracer, SYTO Red Fluorescent Nucleic Acid Stains 60, 62, 63, TOTO-3, TO-PRO-3
Part # Cy5-4040C-000
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