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March 26, 2012  

IDEX interview: mega-trends and silicon moments

Seasoned photonics industry executive and now president of IDEX's optics and photonics business, Mike Cumbo talks exclusively to optics.org.

Last year, IDEX Corporation made a big splash in the photonics industry with its $400 million buy-out of CVI Melles Griot, and is planning more acquisitions as it extends its reach into the sector.

In this exclusive interview, Jacqueline Hewett discussed that CVI deal, demographic megatrends and "silicon moments" with Mike Cumbo, recently appointed president of the company's optics and photonics platform.

What led IDEX to enter the photonics industry?
IDEX is an aggregator of engineered-solution companies. The company’s roots lie in fluidic applications such as industrial-scale wastewater and sanitary water systems and, through acquisition, we expanded off of this base. Since going public in 1988, IDEX has made about 50 acquisitions, roughly two per year.


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