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January 21, 2011  

IDEX Corporation Acquires ATFilms

Lake Forest, IL, January 20, 2011 (Business Wire)-

IDEX Corporation (NYSE:  IDEX) today announced that it has entered into an definitive agreement to purchase Advanced Thin Films, LLC (ATFilms). ATFilms, with approximately $9 million in revenue, specializes in optical components and coatings for applications in the fields of scientific research, defense, aerospace, telecommunications and electronics manufacturing. ATFilms’ core competence is in the design and manufacture of filters, splitters, reflectors and mirrors with the precise physical properties required to support their customers’ most challenging and cutting-edge optical applications.

Headquartered in Boulder, CO, ATFilms will operate within IDEX’s Health and Science Technologies segment as a part of the IDEX optical products platform. ATFilms will be acquired for cash consideration of $32 million and is expected, inclusive of all potential earn-out, to accretive to earnings in 2011.  The acquisition is expected to close by the end of the month pending the discharge of indebtedness of the company.

Commenting on the acquisition, IDEX Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Larry Kingsley stated,” We are delighted with the opportunity to continue the expansion of our optical platform with the acquisition of ATFilms. ATFilms is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of optical componentry. By producing custom products, which have both excellent spectral performance and environmental stability and durability, ATFilms has built a reputation as a critical supplier to a significant number of leading edge customers. ATFilms will now join Semrock, acquired in 2008, as a part of our optical products platform within our Health and Science segment, and we look forward to significant collaboration on key areas of product development and optics design.



Semrock, Inc., a Unit of IDEX Corporation, manufactures optical filters that set the standard in performance and reliability for the biotech and analytical instrumentation industries, as well as innovative optical filters for more general laser and optical systems applications.  All Semrock optical filters are made with hard ion-beam-sputtered optical coatings.  OEM filters are manufactured in volume.  End-users benefit from a wide selection of standard catalog products that ship from stock.  Semrock’s patented and patent-pending products include its highly acclaimed BrightLine® fluorescence filters, state-of-the-art filters for Raman spectroscopy, and other unique filters for laser and optical systems.  Semrock’s innovative filters, made possible by combining modern ion-beam sputtering with Semrock’s proprietary volume manufacturing technology, are covered under a five-year warranty.

Founded in September 2000, Semrock is based in Rochester, New York, a well-known center of optics, and has sales offices throughout the United States.  In October 2008 Semrock became a Unit of IDEX Corporation.  For additional information about Semrock, its products, and its team of international distributors, visit the company website at www.semrock.com.

Amanda Valek-MacDonald
Semrock, a Unit of IDEX Corporation