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May 29, 2002  

Semrock's Optical Thin-Film Coatings and Filters Raise the Bar in Performance and Manufacturability

Rochester, NY - Semrock, an optical components company focused on enhancing optical engines, today announced the availability of its high performance thin-film coating and filters products, offering the biomedical, defense, display and telecommunications industries the ability to move beyond the limitations of their current technology platforms and to design higher performance optical systems. Semrock's proprietary thin-film filter capabilities, including its Arbitrary Spectral Profile (ASP™) technology, allow highly versatile multi-layered thin-film coatings (beyond 200 layers), including complex filter shapes and sharp bandpass filters with low ripple and high rejection. Semrock also offers a wide variety of high quality AR, HR, and metal coatings.

"We are delighted to provide these high-caliber products, which feature exceptional repeatability, to customers today," says Victor Mizrahi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Semrock. "Since our inception, it has always been our goal at Semrock to be a leader in offering advanced, yet manufacturable, optical technologies that will enable our customers to meet their most demanding requirements. It is because of our outstanding team of optical researchers, engineers and technicians, who come from years with leading optical suppliers and customers, that we are able to achieve this level of excellence. We are now focused on rapidly expanding our sales organization to appropriately serve our customers."

Semrock's product capabilities include improved fluorescence filters, bandpass filters, dichroics, polarizing beam splitters, and other high-precision products. For additional information about Semrock and its products, visit the company at www.semrock.com.




About Semrock
Semrock designs and manufactures very precise optical thin-film coatings and filters, and high-uniformity specialty optical fiber. Its superior quality products and advanced manufacturing techniques, which result in exceptional repeatability, improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of the optical engines needed in the biomedical, defense, display and telecommunications industries. Founded in September 2000, Semrock has facilities in Baltimore, Maryland and Rochester, New York.

Amanda Valek-MacDonald
Semrock, a Unit of IDEX Corporation