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September 13, 2002  

Semrock Announces New Thin-Film Fluorescence Filters for Biomedical Instrumentation

Rochester, NY - Semrock, a manufacturer of advanced optical coatings & filters, today announced the availability of its new BrightLineâ„¢ Fluorescence Filters for biomedical instrumentation. The new thin-film filters, available September 2002, provide up to 60% more total throughput than even premium filters available on the market today. Semrock's new Fluorescence filters are exclusively fabricated using modern ion-beam sputtering technology, enabling thick coatings for the sharpest filters. Semrock has utilized its proprietary Arbitrary Spectral Profile TM technology to achieve this unprecedented performance. Fluorescence filters are used for applications including drug discovery, chemical analysis, DNA and RNA nucleotide sequencing, toxicology, and blood analysis.

"By utilizing our unique design tools with proprietary optical monitoring technology, we are able to manufacture a superior filter product for the biomedical instrumentation industry", said Victor Mizrahi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Semrock. "Our new fluorescence filters are made exclusively with environmentally stable hard coatings resulting in fewer interfaces, and no adhesive in the light path. When combined with our unique filter designs and our highly developed implementation tools we are able to vividly increase the throughput for biomedical instrumentation."

Semrock's product capabilities include the new fluorescence filters, high-performance bandpass filters, dichroic mirrors and filters, steep edge filters, and other precision products.




About Semrock
Semrock designs and manufactures advanced optical thin-film coatings and filters, and high-uniformity specialty optical fiber. Its superior quality products and advanced manufacturing techniques, which result in exceptional repeatability, improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of the optical engines needed in the biomedical, defense, display and telecommunications industries. Founded in September 2000, Semrock has facilities in Baltimore, Maryland and Rochester, New York. For additional information about Semrock and its products, visit the company at www.semrock.com.

Amanda Valek-MacDonald
Semrock, a Unit of IDEX Corporation