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August 22, 2005  

Semrock Receives Registered Trademarks for the BrightLine®, RazorEdge®, and StopLine® Families of Optical Filters

Rochester, N.Y. – Semrock, Inc., today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded them registered trademarks for their highly acclaimed and award-winning BrightLine series of optical fluorescence filters, the ultra-sharp RazorEdge series of high-performance Raman optical
filters, and the StopLine series of deep single- and mult-notch filters.

As the BrightLine name so vividly portrays, these filters offer the highest peak transmission and superior contrast for maximum brightness. RazorEdge Raman filters provide the steepest edges to measure even the smallest Raman shifts and with deep laser-line blocking for maximum laser rejection. StopLine notch filters – a versatile complement to the RazorEdge filter – are the narrowest bandwidth thin film notch filters (as low as 9 nm) on the market, and are ideal for a variety of fluorescence and Raman instrumentation.

"The BrightLine, RazorEdge and StopLine names are becoming synonymous around the world for performance and reliability, and this official registration will help to ensure that these names are always associated with Semrock," said Dr. Victor Mizrahi, President & CEO of Semrock.

The BrightLine, RazorEdge, and StopLine names join the MaxMirror® ultrabroadband laser mirror, and the name Semrock itself, in being successfully registered by Semrock with the USPTO.




About Semrock:
Semrock manufactures high-performance optical filters that set the standard in optical filters for the biotech and analytical instrumentation markets. Semrock products include the highly acclaimed BrightLine series of fluorescence filters for microscopy, flow cytometry and other fluorescence-based instrumentation, exceptional filters for Raman spectroscopy, and unique biomedical laser system optics. Semrock's innovative products are made possible by combining modern ion-beam sputtering with Semrock's proprietary technology. Founded in September 2000, Semrock is based in Rochester, New York, a well-known center of optics, and has sales offices throughout the United States.

For additional information about Semrock, its innovative products, and its team of international distributors, visit the company website at www.semrock.com.

Amanda Valek-MacDonald
Semrock, a Unit of IDEX Corporation