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May 01, 2006  

Semrock Introduces A New Cutting Edge Family of Filters

Rochester, N.Y. – Semrock, Inc., the leading manufacturer of high-performance optical filters for the Biotech and Analytical Instrumentation markets, today introduced another new family of high performance filters. Semrock's MaxDiode™ clean-up filters, specifically designed for use with popular laser diodes, are guaranteed to have an unprecedented 90% transmission over a defined range of each diode's possible laser wavelengths, while dramatically reducing unwanted out of band spectral noise. The MaxDiode filters are ideal for both OEM manufacturers of laser-based fluorescence instrumentation, and laboratory researchers who use diode lasers for fluorescence excitation and other types of spectroscopic applications.

The MaxDiode filters' nearly square passband and exceptional transmission allow maximum signal for faster measurements and better sensitivity. The MaxDiode filters all have extremely steep edges transitioning to very high blocking to filter out the undesired out-of-band noise that is particularly problematic in laser diodes. In addition, MaxDiode filters feature Semrock's famous "no burn out" hard-coating technology, for lower cost of ownership and proven reliability. Semrock's initial offerings include MaxDiode filters tailored for the common 635, 440, and 405 nm commercially available diode lasers; other wavelengths planned. The MaxDiode filter family is the much-awaited complement for diode lasers to the popular MaxLine family of narrow laser-line filters – optimized for fixed wavelength gas and solid state lasers.

"Our MaxDiode filters are perfect for spectroscopic applications, like fluorescence excitation, where one needs to measure a weak signal against the background of significant laser noise. They are called 'clean-up' filters because they clean up the laser output by stripping it of all the undesired noise and leaving only the desired laser line. The high transmission and ultra-flat passbands are critical for laser diode filters in order to maintain consistent output power as the diode laser wavelength varies with environmental conditions, as the lasers age, and from laser to laser. And MaxDiode filters are made with the same innovative ion-beam-sputtering (IBS) technology Semrock uses to make its other high-performance optical filters, which means our MaxDiode filters contain the same unprecedented reliability, durability, and long-term performance Semrock filters are well-known for," said Turan Erdogan, CTO of Semrock. "We expect these to be as popular as the MaxLine filters."




About Semrock:

Semrock manufactures, in volume, high-performance optical filters that set the standard in optical filters for the biotech and analytical instrumentation markets. Semrock's patented and patent-pending products include the highly acclaimed BrightLine series of fluorescence filters for microscopy, high-throughput screening, real-time PCR, and other fluorescence-based instrumentation, exceptional filters for Raman spectroscopy, and unique biomedical laser system optics. Semrock's innovative products are made possible by combining modern ion-beam sputtering with Semrock's proprietary technology. Founded in September 2000, Semrock is based in Rochester, New York, a well-known center of optics, and has sales offices throughout the United States.

For additional information about Semrock, its innovative products, and its team of international distributors, visit the company website at www.semrock.com.


Amanda Valek-MacDonald
Semrock, a Unit of IDEX Corporation