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November 10, 2015  

New Semrock Tunable Edge Filters Give Spectral Flexibility at a Fraction of the Cost

VersaChrome Edge FiltersRochester NY – Semrock marked the launch of the new VersaChrome Edge™ tunable long- and short-pass filters. By offering patented technology with virtually unlimited spectral flexibility for fluorescence microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopy applications, as well as for filter prototyping, Semrock has moved in a completely new direction from typical fixed bandpass and edge filter designs.

Our three new families of filters are designed to work together to create the equivalent of a single passband filter in the visible or near infrared. This allows researchers and instrument designers alike to not only create the bandpass they need, but also fine-tune edge positions and passband width to maximize brightness and contrast/signal-to-noise in real time, within their measurement setup.

VersaChrome Graph

“Even with more than 350 different single passband filters available off the shelf from Semrock, we’ve found that some of our customers aren’t able to identify what bandpass they need without doing some testing first. Other customers are looking for a bandpass that doesn’t yet exist, but they don’t require the volume quantities needed to support a custom filter run. Our VersaChrome Tunable Edge Filters seek to fill that gap, allowing both researchers and instrument developers to dynamically create and optimize their own bandpass filter shapes by combining three simple, versatile filters,” stated Prashant Prabhat, PhD, Catalog Business Line Leader.

The ability to dynamically design a bandpass filter and optimize its spectral characteristics at the point of measurement not only has the potential to improve system performance and adapt rapidly to new fluorophores, but it can also significantly reduce the time needed to identify the optimal bandpass filter shape for a given application and minimize new filter development costs for OEM instrumentation applications.

Tunable Long Pass Filter:  Angle tuning of this filter allows for adjustment of long pass edge. Passband range is ~12% of edge.

Tunable Short Pass Filter:  Angle tuning of this filter allows for adjustment of short pass edge. Passband range is ~12% of edge.

Full Spectrum Blocking Filter:  This filter provides high blocking over a wide spectral range.

For more information on how to select and purchase these filters, click here to download our white paper on these groundbreaking products.
All Semrock products are covered by our 10-year warranty, guaranteed in stock and are available with custom sizing services with rapid delivery.

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