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July 30, 2015  

New Semrock Website Improvements Launched For Faster Ordering

Rochester, NY - Semrock is pleased to announce the relaunch of Semrock.com with a new custom sizing calculator, improved site search and a faster ordering process. Institutional buyers, microscopists and engineers will find it easier and faster to find single-band bandpass sets and dichroic beamsplitters. Alongside a new brand look and feel, the site now offers Rapid Ordering for buyers that already know their part number. End users may now select and push a quote to their Buyer for fast approval/ purchase. Buyers will receive an email alert from the system that they have a purchase pending making bundling multiple purchases for higher discounts much simpler.

“We’ve listened to our customer feedback and have taken the site in a more customer-focused direction with these changes,” stated Prashant Prabhat, Catalog Business Line Leader. “We want our customers to quickly find product and technical information on all of our filters from our core BrightLine fluorescence filters through our Razor Edge and Laser Line filters used in Raman and Laser Based instrumentation.”

Need to find a match for a discontinued filter or set? All product revisions with new part numbers are listed to quickly locate the closest match and the upgrade description.

Our complete online technical library as well as our highly-trained technical phone support will continue to be available. We encourage you to visit the site and let us know what you think.



Semrock, Inc., manufactures high-volume optical filters that set the standard in performance and reliability for the biotech and analytical instrumentation industries, as well as innovative optical filters for more general laser and optical systems applications. All Semrock optical filters are made with hard-coated sputtered optical coatings. End-users benefit from a wide selection of standard catalog products that ship from stock. Patented products include the BrightLine® fluorescence filters, filters for Raman spectroscopy, and LED sets for lasers and optical systems. Semrock products are made possible by combining modern sputtered coating techniques with proprietary volume manufacturing technology, and are covered under a 10-year warranty.


Amanda MacDonald
Director Marketing Communications