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March 17, 2014  

Semrock Optical Filters at the Heart of Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Semrock continues to see growth in the medical diagnostics market for its high volume optical filter manufacturing through new OEM partnerships to supply thousands of miniaturized optical filters to leading point-of-care (POC) instrument developers. Semrock filters are being used to provide the highest levels of accuracy in point-of-care (POC) diagnostics in applications as diverse as testing of patients suffering symptoms of a suspected heart attack, to blood glucose monitoring in diabetes care.

 “With the trend towards LED light sources in POC instruments, the requirement for optical filters that can meet stringent center wavelength tolerances and edge location while passing >90% light throughput over a broad angular range is critical,” said Neil Anderson, Manager, Strategy and Business Development. “More so is the ability that the filters be manufactured reliably and repeatedly at high volumes, which has been of paramount importance to our customers. At Semrock, we have the capability to deliver on all vital filter performance criteria for what is typically a price-sensitive application.”

With the drive towards more accurate and sensitive detection assays comes the need to develop the enabling technologies, such as high-performance sputtered optical filters, which lie at the heart of these instruments. “Typically, POC instrument developers have had to decide between price and performance. Often lower performing optical filters that offer less light throughput and are susceptible to performance issues and limit diagnostic accuracy have been used. Our new high-volume optical filter production facility is the ideal solution and allows Semrock to offer customers significantly improved optical filter performance over conventional options. This makes it more comfortable for instrumentation manufacturers to select Semrock filters when performance is critical,” added James Harp, Global Strategic Account Manager.

This technology is expected to see rapid growth over the coming years with the requirement for more rapid and accurate near patient diagnostic testing to address the world’s most pressing medical healthcare needs.

Please download the PDF on this subject. A full spectrum of custom capabilities can be found on the Semrock website as well.