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887 nm VersaChrome Edge™ tunable longpass filter

Part Number: TLP01-887-25x36

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  • Your filter spectrum may differ slightly from the typical spectrum above, but is certified to meet the optical specifications noted below.
Optical Specifications
Transmission Value 1Tavg > 93% over 114 nm
Edge Wavelength (0 deg)887 nm (minimum)
Blocking Band 1ODavg > 6 687 – (0.98*Edge Wavelength 0deg) nm
Cuton Transition Width2.5% (from blocking to transmission)
Transmission Band 1 (60 deg)Tavg > 90% over 101 nm
Edge Wavelength (60 deg)790 nm (maximum)
Blocking Band 1 (60 deg)ODavg > 6 687 – (0.975*Edge Wavelength 60deg) nm
Cuton Transition Width (60 deg)3% (from blocking to transmission)

General Filter Specifications
Angle of Incidence0 – 60 degrees
Cone Half-angle0 degrees
Optical Damage RatingNot tested
Filter Effective Index1.74 Understanding ‘Effective Index of Refraction’ neff

Physical Filter Specifications (applies to standard sized parts; contact us regarding other sizes)
Transverse Dimensions (L x W)25.2 mm x 35.6 mm
Transverse Tolerance± 0.1 mm
Filter Thickness (unmounted)2.0 mm
Filter Thickness Tolerance (unmounted)± 0.1 mm
Clear Aperture≥ 80% (elliptical)
Substrate Thickness (unmounted)2.0 mm
Substrate Thickness Tolerance (unmounted)± 0.1 mm
OrientationReflective surface marked with part number - Orient in direction of incoming light

Tech Note
Cleaning Optical FiltersInstructions for cleaning hard coated optical filters
Filter ReliabilityCompares the performance and reliability of hard coated filters to traditional soft-coated filters and provides information about the testing standards for Semrock filters
Laser Damage ThresholdProvides information for calculating laser damage threshold for pulsed and continuous wave lasers
Tunable Bandpass FiltersCompares the spectral response of tunable bandpass filters to traditional filter spectra at non-normal angles of incidence
Working with Optical DensityTables to describe the relationship between OD and transmission with tips for quickly calculating OD
Filter Spectra at Non-normal Angles of IncidenceDiscusses how angle tuning affects the spectral response of different types of filters.
Journal Article
Tunable Bandpass FiltersNeil Anderson, PhD, and Turan Erdogan, PhD, Photonics Tech Briefs, July 2010,
Describes the advances that have led to the design of thin-film filters that are tunable over a wide angle with no change in spectral performance
White Paper
Semrock VersaChrome Tunable Bandpass FiltersAn in-depth comparison of the major types of tunable filters in terms of key performance parameters

VersaChrome Edge™ Tunable Filter Calculator

Semrock's VersaChrome Edge™ filter unlock virtually unlimited spectral flexibility for fluorescence microscopy and hyperspectral imaging as well as spectroscopy applications. By utilizing a combination of VersaChrome Edge™ tunable long-wave-pass and short-wave-pass filters, a bandpass filter as narrow as sub 5nm FWHM or as wide as 12% of the center wavelength throughout the visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges can be created.

Input the desired Center-Wavelength (CWL) and Guaranteed-Minimum-Bandwidth (GMBW) or Full-Width-Half-Maximum (FWHM) to achieve a required passband to calculate which filters and rotational angles to use to achieve this result.

Click here to download our whitepaper on VersaChrome Edge Filters

Required Inputs
CWL (nm)    
FWHM (nm) --- OR --- GMBW (nm)
Optional Inputs - Edge positions available on package label.
Edge at 60° Edge at 0°
LWP (nm)
SWP (nm)
Compensation plate thickness (mm)  
Accuracy within ±1nm

TLP01-887 887 TLP Tunable Versachrome

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