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491 nm MaxLine® laser clean-up filter

Part Number: LL01-491-12.5

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  • Your filter spectrum may differ slightly from the typical spectrum above, but is certified to meet the optical specifications noted below.
Optical Specifications
Transmission Band 1Tabs > 90% 491.0 nm
Center Wavelength 1491.0 nm
Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth 1Transmission guaranteed for laser wavelength only
FWHM Bandwidth 1 (nominal)1.9 nm (typical); 3.4 nm (maximum)
Blocking Band 1ODabs > 5 417.2 – 486.1 nm
Blocking Band 2ODabs > 6 451.7 – 483.6 nm
Blocking Band 3ODabs > 6 498.4 – 540.1 nm
Blocking Band 4ODabs > 5 495.9 – 630.3 nm

General Filter Specifications
Laser Wavelength 1491.0 nm
Angle of Incidence0 ± 2 degrees
Cone Half-angle0.5 degrees
Optical Damage Rating0.1 J/cm2 @ 532 nm (10 ns pulse width)

Physical Filter Specifications (applies to standard sized parts; contact us regarding other sizes)
Transverse Dimensions (Diameter)12.5 mm
Transverse Dimensions 2 (Diameter)25 mm
Transverse Tolerance (mounted)+ 0.0 / – 0.1 mm
Filter Thickness (Mounted)3.5 mm
Filter Thickness Tolerance (Mounted)± 0.1 mm
Clear Aperture≥ 10 mm
Clear Aperture 2≥ 22 mm
Substrate Thickness (unmounted)2.0 mm
Substrate Thickness Tolerance (unmounted)± 0.1 mm
OrientationArrow on ring indicates preferred direction of propagation of light

Edge Filters


488 nm EdgeBasic™ best-value long-pass edge filter

• Filter with 50% edge at 500nm
• 497 cm-1 transition
• Tavg > 93% from 504.7 – 900nm

Custom sizing delivery confirmed ARO (sizing fee applies).
Part # BLP01-488R-25
(Non-US pricing info)

Notch Filters


488 nm StopLine® single-notch filter

• Laser Wavelength = 488 nm
• Typical Notch Bandwidth = 14 nm
• ODabs > 6 488 nm

Custom sizing delivery confirmed ARO (sizing fee applies).
Part # NF03-488E-25
(Non-US pricing info)

Dichroic Beamsplitters


488 nm laser BrightLine® single-edge super-resolution / TIRF dichroic beamsplitter

• Laser Dichroic Beamsplitter with edge at 495.5 nm
• Rabs > 94% 471 – 491 nm
• Ravg > 90% 350 – 471 nm
• Tavg > 93% 499.8 – 1200 nm
• Flatness / RWE: Super-resolution / TIRF

Custom sizing delivery confirmed ARO (sizing fee applies).
Part # Di03-R488-t1-25x36
(Non-US pricing info)


488 nm StopLine® notch laser dichroic beamsplitter

• Laser Wavelength = 488 nm
• R > 98% 488 nm
• Tavg > 90% 350 – 465 nm & 523 – 1600 nm
• Flatness / RWE: Laser

Custom sizing delivery confirmed ARO (sizing fee applies).
Part # NFD01-488-25x36
(Non-US pricing info)

US domestic pricing only. If you are ordering from outside the US, please contact your nearest regional distributor for the correct list price.
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Journal Article
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491 LL01-491

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