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Volume 7, Issue 2

Guaranteed Flatness with Super-resolution Laser Microscopy Cubes

Our BrightLine® λ/2 flatness Super-resolution Microscopy Cubes set the new standard for laser based microscopes.

Guaranteed λ/2 P-V per inch flatness from cube mounted 1 mm thick dichroic beamsplitters

Maximize switching speed, minimize beam deviation, & minimize light scatter in emission

Minimal reflected wavefront distortion for even large diameter illumination beams

Available for popular laser lines & microscopy cubes (e.g. Olympus U-MF2 & U-FF, Zeiss FL Cube EC P&C, Nikon TE 2000)

Steeper, Wider & Flatter 
BrightLine® laser dichroic beamsplitters offer a new solution for super-resolution microscopy with λ/10 P-V per inch flatness.

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Fluorescence Filters

Learn about how optical fluorescence occurs and how filters interact in the process.
Alternative Measurement
Semrock uses alternative approaches to evaluate filter spectra for providing a solution to the limitations of standard metrology techniques.

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White Paper Feature

LED light sources bring a wider use in fluorescence microscopy and related fields. 
Spectral Flexibility
Semrock's VersaChrome Edge™ tunable filters unlock virtually unlimited spectral flexibility for optimal fluorescence microscopy.

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Come explore our online tutorial resource for next generation fluorescence-based systems.
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