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Editor's Note

This issue of Wavelengths is full of tips and information to help you. We’ll demystify the relationship between flatness and radius of curvature for dichroic beamsplitters, and show how to find the right one for your unique laser or fluorophore. We’ll even take the calculations out of angle-tuning VersaChrome™ tunable filters to create your own custom bandpass.

We’ll also talk to Dr. Enrico Gratton, who has been with us from the start developing innovative fluorescence techniques that push the boundaries of single-molecule biophysics.

As part of IDEX Health & Science group, we are more committed than ever to providing high quality solutions for life science applications, and thank you for your loyalty to us.

Kind regards,
Prashant Prabhat

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An Interview With...

Dr. Enrico Gratton,
Founder and Principal Investigator, 
Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics at UC Irvine

We delved into Dr. Gratton’s lifelong quest to develop new fluorescence techniques for unlocking the mysteries of complex biomolecules and their behavior in cells.



Feature Article

Practical Flatness - Understanding Laser Dichroic Performance 
BrightLine laser dichroic beamsplitters set a new standard for super-resolution microscopy with λ/10 flatness per inch, P-V. We’ll explain how dichroic flatness affects an optical wavefront in reflection, and how to calculate the practical impact of flatness specifications on your system.

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Tips & Techniques

VersaChrome Edge™ Tunable Filter Calculator 

Creating your own custom bandpass filter using our VersaChrome Edge™ Tunable Filters is easy with this new online calculator. Simply input your desired center wavelength and bandwidth to instantly identify the optimal LWP, SWP, and blocking filters. This tool also provides:

    • Angle of incidence and beam displacement for each filter
    • An angle of incidence tuning table
    • Spectral data for the combined filter set

Ask Our Experts

Wondering how to determine compatibility of our new laser dichroic beamsplitters with your own unique laser or fluorophore? 

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New At Semrock

Super-resolution microscopy cubes are here! We are utilizing proprietary methods to mount our λ/2 flatness (1 mm substrate) dichroic beamsplitters in standard filter cubes. These Semrock certified cubes ensure that λ/2 flatness is maintained even in the mounted cube holder. Olympus OMF (U-MF2) cubes compatible with various AX, BX2, and IX2 series microscopes are already available and additional cubes will follow soon.

We’ve also added more wavelengths to our line of laser dichroic beamsplitters. Dichroics with edge wavelengths from 405-785 nm are available in both λ/2 and λ/10 flatness, as well as quad-band dichroics for TRITC and mCherry. These dichroic beamsplitters are designed to minimize reflected wavefront distortion for larger beams than ever before, and offer the widest transmission and reflection bands available.

Did You Know?

Semrock is now a part of IDEX Health & Science 


Meet Our Team

Jordan Myers, M.S. - Applications Scientist

Education: B.S. in Biotechnology, Rochester Institute of Technology; M.S. in Cell Biology, Yale University

Jordan is the kind of person who asks “How can we do this?” instead of “Can we do this?” His tenacious approach to problem-solving began when he initiated a collaboration between physics-minded Joerg Bewersdorf and biologist Patrick Lusk at Yale to study the nuclear pore complex using super-resolution microscopy (SRM). The experience he gained there in working with biological assays, cell labeling, modifying microscopes and doing imaging gives him a diverse background for supporting both OEM and microscopy customers at Semrock. When not solving customer problems, Jordan relaxes by cooking, brewing beer, and cycling.

Editor, Prashant Prabhat, Ph.D.
Semrock Catalog, Business Line Leader

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