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Vol.5, Issue 2

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We face tradeoffs every day: between quality and cost, custom and standard, and, in the microscope community, brightness and contrast. This issue of the Wavelengths newsletter focuses on designing for optimization and ease-of-use in order to achieve the best of both. We had the chance to sit down with Prashant Prabhat, PhD, Applications Scientist, to discuss common fluorescence microscopy design challenges, which he also addresses in the latest Semrock white paper, Filter Sets for Next Generation Fluorescence Microscopy.

This issue also marks the anniversary of Semrock joining IDEX. We'll share an update on our progress, along with our latest product additions and upcoming events, below. As always, your ideas and comments are welcome. We strive to make this newsletter a valuable resource to you.

Jim Passalugo
Product Line Director, Optical Filters

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Semrock's LED filters sets meet demands for improved performance.


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Prashant Prabhat

The recent introduction of Semrock's LED Filter Sets has generated significant interest from the fluorescent microscopy marketplace.  We asked Prashant Prabhat, Applications Scientist, to give us some insights into what the new filter sets mean and why they are providing such significant performance improvements.


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SearchLight™ Edge Optimizer

You can now use SearchLight to optimize edges. The latest SearchLight improvements allow you to vary the spectral edge of a filter over a range, specified by Input Array, to calculate an array of Fluorescence Signal, Noise, and Signal-to-Noise Ratio. Any combination of Exciter, Emitter, and Dichroic Spectra can be simultaneously selected for such simulations.

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LED filter sets

LED Light Engine Filter Sets
Semrock is pleased to introduce its newest BrightLine® full-multiband filter set, optimized for DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Cy5 and other like flourophores, illuminated with LED-based light engines. The LED-DA/FI/TR/Cy5-A-000 series is available individually or in a ready-to-mount 'cube'.

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Ask our Experts

laser damage calculator

How do I avoid laser damage in choosing a filter for my particular laser?


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Did You Know?

6th anniversary


Semrock Celebrates 6th Anniversary with IDEX

This issue marks our sixth anniversary with IDEX. As the founding member of IDEX Optics & Photonics, Semrock has not lost a step; we've remained true to our commitment to innovation and putting customers first. In joining IDEX, we're able to better optimize our efforts and resources. Our recent investment in a new high-volume coating platform is a great example; it offers the responsiveness you expect from Semrock, and the expanded capabilities of IDEX.

Join Our Team
From our coating lab to our custom shop, Semrock's teams are made up of talented people committed to helping customers make a global impact in the life sciences. Interested in joining us? Visit our corporate HR site to learn more or to submit an application.   

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