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Vol.4, Issue 2

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Welcome to the second issue of the Wavelengths newsletter for 2013. This installment focuses on the latest in Raman spectroscopy, from novel techniques using tunable filters, to laser excitation for surface-enhanced excitation spectroscopy, and the expansion of our cutting-edge E-grade RazorEdge long-pass edge filter product family.

Meeting the Semrock technical sales team is well timed as we enter our fall & winter conference / tradeshow season. I encourage you stop by our booth at one of these upcoming shows so we can meet you and discuss how Semrock could best support you.

If you can’t stop by, feel free to e-mail us, or contact us through our online feedback form.

- Jim Passalugo,
Product Line Director, Optical FiltersSemrock, Inc. on LinkedIn

VersaChrome Filters

Raman spectroscopy is a valuable analytical tool for the ultrasensitive identification and quantification of a host of molecules ranging from chemical warfare agents to biomolecules. The Raman response of molecules may depend strongly on the excitation wavelength, and this requires mapping of Raman spectra at different excitation wavelengths. However, mapping of Raman spectra as a function of tunable laser excitation wavelength has remained challenging, primarily due to the lack of availability of tunable filters that can simultaneously provide high transmission, high edge steepness, and deep blocking. Recent research publications demonstrate technological advances in resonance Raman spectroscopy enabled by Semrock’s tunable VersaChrome filters.

For more information on this subject:

  1. Novel Micro-Raman Setup with Tunable Laser Excitation for Time-Efficient Resonance Raman Microscopy and Imaging

  2. Structure Enhancement Factor Relationships in Single Gold Nanoantennas by Surface-Enhanced Raman Excitation Spectroscopy
Cleaning Filters

Intuitively, you know to avoid using dirty filters. Semrock evaluated the effects of having a dirty filter in a fluorescence microscope to determine what, if any, effect they really have on your images.

Learn what we found and how to fix it.

Semrock's new individual PET-G packaging for catalog size filters helps keep filters cleaner from the start. The packaging is also great for storing your filters in between uses. See more on our new packaging in the New at Semrock section.

RazorEdge Filters

RazorEdge E-Grade Wavelengths Added
Semrock adds an additional nine new wavelengths to its industry-leading high performance RazorEdge E–grade product line. These nine new wavelengths expand upon the six filters previously available, offering customers a total of 15 wavelengths to select from.

These patented ultra-steep long-wave-pass edge filters are designed to provide deep blocking at the laser wavelength then quickly transition to high transmission in less than 0.5% of the laser wavelength.

New Individual & Filter Set Packaging
You may have noticed, Semrock began to introduce new individual PET-G packaging for standard-size catalog filters in the past few months. This packaging allows Semrock to keep the parts cleaner, reduce potential defects caused by shipping & handling, and utilizes 100% recyclable PET materials.

New PET-G packaging for standard catalog part sizes:

  • 25 mm & 25.4 mm round parts (mounted & unmounted)
  • 25x36 mm or 22x29 mm parts (up to 2mm thick)
  • 12.5 mm & 12.7 mm round parts (mounted & unmounted) (coming soon)

Filter sets purchased without a filter cube, or which have multiple components, e.g. Pinkel and Sedat sets, are now packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes to insert the individual PET-G packaged filters.

Custom size filters will now be packaged in felt lined bags, replacing the tissue paper and glassine bags which have been used for most filter packaging up to now.



Join Semrock along with our sister company, Melles Griot, at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego, CA and at the American Society for Cell Biology annual meeting in New Orleans, LA. We look forward to seeing you in person at one of these venues:

Society for Neuroscience (SfN)
November 10th - November 13th
Booth 905 – listed as IDEX Optics & Photonics

American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)
December 15th - December 17th
Booth 710 – listed as IDEX Optics & Photonics


Did You Know?


Semrock takes the environment seriously, wanting to make an impact on the instrument performance, not the environment. All Semrock filters are RoHS and REACH compliant, and our New at Semrock packaging utilizes recycled PET materials and is itself 100% recyclable! And, the cardboard used for filter set packaging and shipping is also 100% recyclable.


Alli Hill

East Coast Engineer - Alli Hill
Alli is one of our new Technical Sales Engineers, with four years of customer technical support at Semrock. She graduated from RIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering. When not working with our East coast customers, she is on the soccer field or at the gym.

Cortney Jansen

West Coast Engineer - Cortney Jansen, MS
Some of you may remember speaking with Cortney when she was at Semrock earlier in her career. Now back in the fold after grad school, Cortney serves our West coast OEM customer base. In her free time, she tours the Napa and Sonoma valleys with her husband in search of the perfect Cabernet.

Amy Renno

Technical Sales - Amy Renno

Recently promoted from Inside Sales Representative, Amy has been with Semrock for six years. When not at work, Amy can be found working out, unleashing her creative side and spending time with her new baby girl.

Bonnie Mosher

Technical Sales - Bonnie Mosher

Bonnie came to Semrock after a long tenure at Eastman Kodak Company, providing quality assurance and process technical support for the Motion Picture films line of business. Bonnie and her husband, Glenn, enjoy spending free time at their cottages and starting up their retirement project, Wood Duck Winery, on 165 acres, in Cape Vincent, NY.






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