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Vol.4, Issue 1

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Jim Passalugo

After a short hiatus, I welcome you to the first issue of Wavelengths newsletter for 2013. We begin with a recent flow cytometry article authored by Dr. Natasha Barteneva and her collaborators including our own Dr. Prashant Prabhat.  We then move on to highlight what specification parameters there are to consider when selecting the appropriate mirror for your optical system.

Semrock's fluorescence optical system design tool, SearchLight, continues to be extremely popular with our users. In this issue we highlight a new feature, how to share your work with other people.  In the links we like section, there’s a stunning video taking you through a fluorescent reef and some helpful technical links to popular microscopy sites.
In case you missed it, last year we significantly expanded our offering of EdgeBasic value-priced edge filters and we recently became ITAR registered and compliant, allowing us to issue quotes and accept orders for the most sensitive of projects. 

Being our first issue of 2013, I wanted to recap 2012 briefly. Last year brought many changes to Semrock, with the formation of the IDEX Optics & Photonics platform, and bringing our sister companies of CVI, Melles Griot, ATFilms and Precision Photonics together. Semrock continued to grow delivering another record-breaking year.

Our team at Semrock thanks you for your support, and if you have any ideas, tips, or questions on the newsletter or our products, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for reading.

- Jim Passalugo,
Product Line Director, Optical FiltersSemrock, Inc. on LinkedIn

Flow cytometry and Malaria

Malaria remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. For malaria diagnosis, flow cytometry-based assays have proven to be valuable tools for quantification and sorting of specific subpopulations of parasite-infected red blood cells. However, identification of rare subpopulations of parasites using popular green fluorescent protein (GFP) labelling is complicated by spectrally overlapping autofluorescence signal of red blood cells combined with low signal from transgenic parasites. In a recent peer-reviewed journal publication, it has been demonstrated that by utilizing optimized optical filters for sorting of GFP-expressing parasite populations in infected red blood cells, the overall yield of diagnosis can be improved by 50-150%, when compared to the standard filter set-up.



High-performance optical mirrors are a key component to most system designs. From bench-top setups to high-end lab instrumentation, mirrors can enable a reduced system footprint, combine multiple sources, help to form images, or other purposes. This article provides a high-level, basic overview of some of the key specification parameters to consider when selecting the appropriate mirror for your optical system.



We are pleased to announce continued development of the online SearchLight simulation tool.

SearchLight is our popular online spectral analysis tool used to quantitatively model fluorescence systems. Applications include fluorophore-to-filter set compatibility, bleedthrough analysis, and qualitative and quantitative system performance evaluation.

A new feature in SearchLight now allows users to share the results of their simulations with others. Just click on the Share button to send your SearchLight session to anyone for brainstorming, collaboration, or approval.

SearchLight gives you access to an extensive spectral database of fluorophores, filters, filter sets, light sources, and detectors, to which you can upload your own spectra. To explore SearchLight, click to see a comparison of fluorescence signal and SNR between three candidate FITC filter sets. Below the spectral plot is the signal and SNR analysis; filter set no. 3 gives the best SNR, though the fluorescence signal level is not as high as with other sets. Then click on the “Share” button at the top right, to send this analysis to a friend or associate.

EdgeBasic Filters






Semrock expands wavelengths for the EdgeBasic family of long pass-edge filters by 150% in the last year with the addition of 14 popular laser wavelengths to the 23 currently offered. 

Our EdgeBasic filters provide a superb combination of exceptionally steep edge locations (from 325 - 1319 nm) with extended blocking at and below the laser line, which is combined with consistent and extended high transmission pass bands.


Semrock is now ITAR registered and compliant for customers with sensitive projects that require additional security.



Prashant Prabhat


Michael Delay


Do you have a specific, or unusual fluorescence application? If so, you may end up speaking with one of our in-house experts to select the best filter combination or custom optics for your system.


East Coast - Prashant Prabhat, Ph.D.
Prashant, has been with Semrock for more than 5 years. He has a research background in fluorescence microscopy with expertise in the areas of engineering, optical systems, software development and biology, combined with experience in instrument and optical filter development for fluorescence and imaging applications.  He is located in Rochester, NY in the Eastern time zone (EST), allowing him to provide convenient support to our east coast customers.






West Coast - Michael Delay, Ph.D. 
Michael, who recently joined the team, has a background in physics and biophysics, and experience building microscope-based systems and software for fluorescence biology.  He’s located in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the Pacific time zone, allowing him to provide convenient support to our west coast customers.






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