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Vol. 3, Issue 2

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Nick George, Editor

Welcome to the second installment of our Wavelengths Newsletter for 2012. In this issue we have a focus on ultrafast lasers with an emphasis on the unique challenges femtosecond pulsed lasers pose for optical systems. Our Get to Know interview is with Dr. Dave Piston of Vanderbilt University. Dr. Piston was an excellent candidate for this issue because his post-graduate career originated from his understanding of the physics of ultrafast lasers.  Today, Dr. Piston is well known for his knowledge of multiphoton microscopy and the application of quantitative techniques to answer complex biological questions.


- Nick George, Director of Customer Marketing

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Nick George talks to Dave Piston regarding his career and the future of ultrafast laser technology.


A new White Paper written by Neil Anderson, Ligang Wang and Turan Erdogan

Common to all such femtosecond lasers is the need to deliver the emitted pulses from the output of the laser to their final destination (e.g., the sample) while maintaining the temporal integrity of the pulse. When ultrashort laser pulses are transmitted through or reflected off of optical components such as lenses and mirrors, temporal broadening due to dispersion occurs. One way to minimize the unwanted effects of dispersion is to use high-performance dielectric thin-film coatings specifically designed to precisely control and manage the effects of material and other dispersion contributions over a broad wavelength range

Read the full article...


The newest caliper in the Semrock online tool box, SearchLight allows you to model and analyize optical systems before you purchase any components. Upload your own system data or use the large installed library to test fluorophores, filters and sets, light sources and more.


Group Delay Dispersion – What it is and why ultrafast laser applications care about it?






Semrock is proud to announce the introduction of the PulseLine™ family of optics that are specifically designed for femtosecond pulsed laser applications. Our initial product offering consists of three high reflectivity mirrors optimized to steer beam pulses in the tuning range of a Ti:S ultrafast laser. Click here to find out more.

New MaxMirror® at an amazing $99!
Offering greater than 99% average reflectance from 350 nm - 1100 nm for both S & P polarizations with a 0° - 50° angle of incidence, the MaxMirror is the first choice for diverse and demanding beam steering applications. With a surface flatness better than 1/10th wave, a 10-5 surface quality and high laser damage threshold, the MaxMirror is designed from the glass up to be a low scatter, low absorbance mirror that reliably performs in your optical system.

In May, Precision Photonics joined the IDEX Optics & Photonics powerhouse line-up to become the fourth company.

PPC is based in Boulder, CO coating high-power laser optic components and manufacturing assemblies utilizing their epoxy-free CADB bonding process.

For more information regarding their capabilies, please visit


The design team responsible for the high quality standard offerings and custom volume products that Semrock offers.

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Jing Meng
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