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Wavelengths Cell Photo
Vol. 2, Issue 1

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Robert Wick

Welcome to the first issue of Wavelengths for 2011.  We wanted to start the year with some practical advice on how to get better images – Choosing Dichroics, Achieving High Blocking and Combining Filters.

Check out the free poster on Fluorescent Proteins edited by Roger Tsien that we recently produced with Nature Publishing. 

If you’ll be attending Photonics West please stop by our booth #616.

We would like this newsletter to be a collaborative project with the microscope community at large. We invite and encourage you to send us your ideas, tips, questions, ideas for improving the newsletter, articles and anything else you think we should know or share.

Robert Wick, PhD, VP of Marketing

Semrock dichroic beamsplitters

Dichroic beamsplitters, like excitation and emission filters, are generally selected and evaluated based on their transmission and reflection bands, transmission value, edge (cutoff) steepness and blocking. However, another important consideration, which is often overlooked, is the dichroic’s flatness which can significantly impact overall imaging performance depending on the application in which it’s used. Read more...

OD blocking

People ask us this question fairly often, so to help dispel any misinformation out there, here is the correct way to reach OD 6 with your setup. Read more...


Filter set

The filters in our sets are designed simultaneously to work optimally together. Due to our specific excitation and emission filter designs, a filter from a different company may not be optimized for use with a Semrock filter. For best results, we recommend using exciter and emitter combinations that were designed to work together.

If you need help figuring out which of our filters work best together, please contact technical support for assistance.


2011 Winter and Spring Courses

SPIE BiOs / Photonics West, January 22-27
See us at Booth 8616 / 616,

Biophysical Society, March 5-9
See us at Booth 358


Website Launched - New Look, New Features. Use our Online Ordering, expanded filter selection, new Technical and White Paper sections.

Take a look: www.semrock.com

VersaChromator Demo- See our live multi-tunable filter demonstration during Photonics West.

Semrock Booth #616, South Hall

Request your FREE Fluorescent Proteins Poster - Edited by Roger Tsien, PhD


Semrock filters are used on all seven continents, including Antarctica, for their reliability. Impervious to salt air corrosion, humidity and temperature degredation, our hard coated filters eliminate replacement costs, decreasing cost of ownership.

"We are a microscope sales and service company based in Montana. I work almost exclusively in MT, AK and Antarctica. The success with your filters and the consistent customer amazement of the quality of your filters has lead me to carry Semrock exclusively. Only on rare occasions do I deviate. When I see a failing filter set in any of my remote locations I recommend to the customer that it is not a place to buy cheap or inferior filter sets. Many of the places I get to there is no such thing as next day shipping so burned out filters are not a good risk.  Also we get world class scientists down for their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study in that environment, you want the best that money can buy."  - Jim Janoso, Northern Focus

The Standard in Optical Filters for Life Sciences, Lasers & Optical Systemss

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