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VersaChrome Edge™ Tunable Filter Calculator

Semrock's VersaChrome Edge™ filter unlock virtually unlimited spectral flexibility for fluorescence microscopy and hyperspectral imaging as well as spectroscopy applications. By utilizing a combination of VersaChrome Edge™ tunable long-wave-pass and short-wave-pass filters, a bandpass filter as narrow as sub 5nm FWHM or as wide as 12% of the center wavelength throughout the visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges can be created.

Input the desired Center-Wavelength (CWL) and Guaranteed-Minimum-Bandwidth (GMBW) or Full-Width-Half-Maximum (FWHM) to achieve a required passband to calculate which filters and rotational angles to use to achieve this result.

Click here to download our whitepaper on VersaChrome Edge Filters

Required Inputs
CWL (nm)    
FWHM (nm) --- OR --- GMBW (nm)
Optional Inputs - Edge positions available on package label.
Edge at 60° Edge at 0°
LWP (nm)
SWP (nm)
Compensation plate thickness (mm)  
Accuracy within ±1nm

Tunable Versachrome Edge TSP Short pass Short-pass Shortpass SWP Short-Wave-Pass TLP Long pass Long-pass Longpass LWP Long-Wave-Pass TLP01-628 TLP01-704 TLP01-790 TSP01-628 TSP01-704 TSP01-790 FF01-565/133 FF01-632/148 FF01-709/167