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Semrock Femtosecond mirrors, dispersion


Ultrafast lasers are a very powerful tool for light microscopy and laser science applications. Femtosecond pulses of light are naturally dispersed when transmitted or reflected by an optic resulting in a reduction in peak power. Quantifying and controlling optical dispersion are important criteria to maintain pulse performance.

Semrock is proud to announce the introduction of the PulseLine™ family of optics that are specifically designed for femtosecond pulsed laser applications. Our initial product offering consists of three high reflectivity mirrors optimized to steer beam pulses in the tuning range of a Ti:S ultrafast laser.

For 45 degree beam steering applications, the FS01 – S-pol (FS01-MTiS45S-25.4) and  FS01 – P-pol (FS01-MTiS45P-25.4) mirrors are >99.2% reflective with quantified and repeatable Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) characteristics.

For 0 degree angle of incidence applications, the FSO1-MTiSOSP-25.4 mirror offers >99% reflection from 650-1100nm with a quantified and repeatable Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) specification.

All our PulseLine products are manufactured using IBS hard coated technology for exceptionally high laser damage thresholds with durable and stable performance.

Measuring What We Make - See how we handle dispersion characterization at Semrock


Downloads: PulseLine Ultrafast Laser Optical Brochure

WhitePaper on IBS Coatings for Ultrafast Optics