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We offer a wide range of hard-coated filter products and accessories that support the life science, laser and optical system market. We manufacture optical filters for fluorescence microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and laser systems as well as our own filter holders.


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Single-band Bandpass Filters   Tunable Bandpass Filters   Single-band Microscopy Filter Sets
Single-band bandpass filter     Single band sets
Edge Filters   Multiband Bandpass Filters   Full Multiband Filter Sets
Edge Filters   Multiband bandpass  
 Bandpass Clean-up Filters   45° Multiedge Dichroic Beamsplitters   Pinkel Multiband Filter Sets
Cleanup bandpass filter   Multiedge dichroic beamsplitter  
Narrow Bandpass Cleanup Filters   Multinotch Filters   Sedat Multiband Filter Sets
Bandpass clean-up filters   Multinotch filters  
Single-notch Filters
Single notch        
45° Single-edge Dichroic Beamsplitters        
Single edge dichroic beamsplitter        
Polarizing Bandpass Filters        
 Polarizing bandpass filters        
Ultra-broadband Mirrors        
Multiband mirror        
High-reflectivity Mirrors        
Controlled GDD Mirrors & Beamsplitters        
GDD mirror        



Semrock - The Standard in Optical Filters for Life Sciences, Lasers & Optical Systems
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Semrock manufactures hundreds of standard optical filters for immediate shipping: bandpass filters, dichroic beamsplitters, edge and notch filters, Raman spectroscopy filters, mirrors and fluorescence filter sets. For custom optical filters, engineering design or systems design support, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.