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Vol.5, Issue 1

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/Data/Sites/1/semrockimages/newsletterJim Passalugo

Welcome to the first issue of the Wavelengths newsletter for 2014. In this issue we’re excited to introduce some of our new filter sets optimized for LED-based light engines, along with some tips on how to select between different filter sets based on your light sources. After a short hiatus, I’m pleased to welcome back our Feature Interview segment. This issue sits down with Paul Steinbach, Research Specialist and Engineer in the laboratory of Prof. Roger Tsien, known for his expertise in cell behavior and his approaches to devising, implementing, and improving cell & tissue imaging. We close this issue by featuring the team here at Semrock that works to custom-size your filters, enabling you to fit that filter into your experimental or instrument setup.

We would like this newsletter to be a collaborative project with the microscope community at large. I invite and encourage you to send us your ideas, tips, questions, ideas for improving the newsletter, articles and anything else you think we should know or share through e-mail or via our online feedback form.


- Jim Passalugo
Product Line Director, Optical FiltersSemrock, Inc. on LinkedIn

VersaChrome Filters

Originally developed for remote sensing applications, hyperspectral imaging has been adopted for biological fluorescence microscopy more recently. As opposed to conventional fluorescence microscopy, hyperspectral imaging enables spectral discrimination even when fluorophore spectra have high level of cross-talk. Recent research publications by our collaborator Silas J. Leavesley and his colleagues at the University of South Alabama demonstrate technological advances in hyperspectral imaging enabled by Semrock’s tunable VersaChrome filters. Their first publication utilizing these filters, “Thin-film tunable filters for hyperspectral fluorescence microscopy,” is a proof of principle demonstration of emission-scanning hyperspectral imaging.

As demonstrated in this article, VersaChrome filter based spectral imaging not only improves spectral discrimination of the fluorophores but it also significantly improves signal-to-noise ratio compared to AOTF based spectral imaging. In a more recent publication, “An excitation-scanning hyperspectral imaging microscope," this group has developed a novel excitation-scanning hyperspectral imaging microscope that significantly improves acquisition speed compared to emission-scanning, and is suitable for even live-cell imaging.

The research specialist and engineer talks to us about his career and his passion for imaging dynamic cell behavior.


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There are many selectable options to find the right filter set for your application using Semrock's Filter Set Discovery menu, including fluorophore, type of filter set, number of bands or application. One of the fastest ways to narrow your search is to first select the light source you are using for your fluorescence imaging


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RazorEdge Filters

Semrock introduced the first set, LED-DA/FI/TR/Cy5-4X-A in a new family of optical filter sets optimized for compatibility with the most popular LED based light sources available on the market today.


Semrock has added a Cy5-A-Basic set to our BrightLine Basic family.



iBiology Courses

Ask our Experts - Filter Orientation for Sutter Threaded Rings

Have you wondered how to orient filters mounted in Sutter threaded rings into a Sutter filter wheel?


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Meet our Team - Custom Shop Team
This group is responsible for our quick turn custom-sizing requests on catalog orders.

Missing from photos - Lee Santamont

James Fulton
Shannon Young
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